Founded in 2006, Daddyneedsagirl has been in the webcam model management business for over five years—much longer than most other similar sites. We have a long internet history and are still growing every day.

Daddyneedsagirl is a webcam model agency that believes in supporting both our cam models and their customers, which is proven by the fact that our network receives more than 5 million visitors EVERY DAY.

Daddyneedsagirl is now hiring new, beautiful cam models, so start earning great money by becoming a Daddyneedsagirl internet model today! Our customer service is the best in the business, our rates top those of the competition, and we offer more flexible and convenient payouts.

Since Daddyneedsagirl has decided to focus solely on female webcam models, we actively recruit the most attractive girls.

There are many sites that have hundreds of webcam models as well, but the difference between those sites and Daddyneedsagirl is that Daddyneedsagirl actually cares about our cam girls. Whereas those others look at their webcam models as the “goose that lays the golden egg,” meaning, that they view the cam girls only as ways to make more money, Daddyneedsagirl treats its models well and sees them as special. This explains why so many webcam models from other agencies have decided to join Daddyneedsagirl instead.

Webcam Model Agency Since 2006

The Best Cam Model Agency on the Web

Our webcam modeling agency offers you the chance to work from home and earn fantastic money. We work exclusively with the most important and reputable adult webcam sites, because then we can guarantee our models the opportunity to work exclusively with them.

In addition, Daddyneedsagirl offers you several different payment methods.

You can receive your salary while living in virtually any part of the world while working with our cam model agency, because we use multiple payment methods, including international money transfers.

Our minimum payouts are lower than those of other cam model agencies: the minimum payout is just $50, where other webcam model agency minimum payouts start at around $100-$300.

Sign up now with Daddyneedsagirl; your account can be set up in less than six hours, enabling you to start working right away. This is another way that Daddyneedsagirl beats out the competition, since other webcam modeling agencies normally take from two days to two weeks to set up new accounts!

Daddyneedsagirl offers the best bonuses and prizes for top performers. Every month we feature new bonuses and promotions.

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Why we are the best cam model agency on the web

Better and faster payments
Higher wages Bonuses for each model submitted to the site. Refer a model and you will get 10% of her commissions for a year! High-earning models get bonuses and special gifts and incentives.

Real customers that pay more
5 MILLION active customers DAILY Loyal customers that are willing to pay for private and group shows.

Flexibility: Become a cam model and work whenever you like!
You can work any time, 24/7, and get bi-monthly payouts. Simply decide how much money you want to earn and how you’d like to earn it—we will give you an easy, fun way to earn great money.

Technology: the Best Web Technology
Daddyneedsagirl has the best technology available, allowing you to give excellent performances and satisfy your customers better.

Become a Webcam Model

Become a Webcam Model with usWorking as a webcam model is one of the most profitable jobs around. It’s only become possible recently, given the advances in modern technology, but now you can have the opportunity to work from home, anywhere in the world, with a flexible schedule that YOU set, according to your wants and needs. Imagine that—no lengthy commute, no getting up early, no fighting traffic, no dealing with the worries about being tardy. By being a Daddyneedsagirl webcam model you are 100% independent and free!

Our exclusive webcam model agency works with the top-rated adult webcam sites in the entire world, with more than 5 MILLION customers viewing our affiliate and partner sites every DAY! This is an absolute guarantee that our cam models can earn the best money in the business at any time.

There is no prior experience required to become a cam model. All you need is a computer equipped with a webcam and a microphone and a stable, high-speed internet connection. We will give you everything you need: the work platform, the guidance, tutorials, support, and much more.

Work as a cam model! It allows you to earn good money in a short time—much less time than spent working a “regular” job! A girl who chooses to work as a cam girl can do so from the comfort of her own home—no boss, and no restrictions on when or how much she works!

Become a webcam model and have the opportunity to meet lots of new people all over the world. It’s also a very easy and even fun job!

Another reason to become a cam model is the payment. At Daddyneedsagirl we pay our cam models twice monthly via several payment methods, including PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfer.

Working in our cam model agency allows the best models the chance to earn even more money by selling their videos and pictures. Daddyneedsagirl will help you build your OWN adult site, where you can present your own pics and products, able to make even more money! If you choose to join the Daddyneedsagirl online modeling agency as a sexy webcam model, you will get the best bonuses, payments, and benefits on the web!

Become a Webcam Model lesbian girls

To Become a Webcam Model You MUST:

Be a beautiful girl
Be over 18
Have a private place to work
Be friendly, open-minded, and comfortable with working in front of a webcam
Have a computer with a webcam and microphone
Have a good, fast, stable internet connection
Have a legal photo ID and several pictures available to send

We Provide These Benefits to All of Our Cam Models:

  • 5 million plus potential private customers per day
  • The highest pay rates in the adult webcam business
  • Absolutely NO chargebacks or pay deductions
  • Payment bi-monthly through services such as PayPal, AlertPay, Western Union, and Wire Transfer
  • Bonuses and prizes every month
  • Total independence and freedom for the webcam models to form their own schedules and how much they work
  • The ability to block visitors by country, city, and state—meaning that the Daddyneedsagirl models can rest assured that their privacy is protected. Daddyneedsagirl webcam models can block visitors from as many countries as they like.
  • Personal support and private live chat services via Skype or email
  • Training from other experienced webcam models
  • The opportunity to earn money by referring other webcam models

The First Steps to Take to Become a Webcam Model

To begin working as a webcam model, just take a couple of minutes to fill out the form.

You will need to provide Daddyneedsagirl with a copy of your ID and one or more photographs; with that information, our staff can set up your account

Sign up today—you will get your first payment in 15 days or less! Signup and account set up takes around 6 hours

Documents Needed to Set Up Registration:

  • A copy of your photo ID (front and back), to verify that you are over 18
  • One or more pictures to upload to your profile

The easiest way is to scan your ID, but remember that you must make sure that your ID scan shows your face, name, and birthdate.

Any documents submitted to Daddyneedsagirl will remain completely confidential. We will NEVER share your personal information with any third parties.

Once your profile has been created we will need about 4-6 hours to approve it, and then you can start working and earning money!

Become a webcam model

Working as a webcam model will allow you to make amazing money faster than just about any other job!

We offer only first class service to our models. Our webcam model agency has the best and newest technology, which means you can work without any technical problems.

By becoming a webcam model with Daddyneedsagirl, you will reap many benefits. You will earn the best money in the industry as well as getting bonuses and other benefits for being a top earner.

We are the only webcam model agency that does that—many companies will promise high profit margins, but they don’t tell you that they actually take 50% of your wages (or more!)…some agencies actually take up to 70%!

Daddyneedsagirl is the ONLY online modeling agency that pays its models 60% of their income, plus the costs of sending out payments!

Become a webcam model with the Daddyneedsagirl online model agency. You will get your first payment in ten days or less. We are the ONLY webcam modeling agency that will actually send out payment after the closing time of the payment schedule. Many other agencies will send payments after 30 days—we do much better! Work as a cam model with Daddyneedsagirl, the number one adult modeling agency on the internet. For further information, please contact us for further information!