Does the idea of performing in your paid private shows as a webcam model make you nervous? Do you wonder about how to perform?

A successful cam girl treats her customers well and gives memorable performances.

Why? Because by putting on great shows, webcam models can earn lots of good reviews and attract new customers. There are certain things that a girl can do to become a cam model that makes the best money-by knowing how to put on the best performances.

The best female cam models have loyal customers that return again and again, because the models make the customers feel good. This is really important in order for a webcam model to make good money, consistently, over the long term…and repeat customers are absolutely necessary.

Repeat customers are necessary because they are what will drive a webcam model’s traffic up. will mean the difference between the cam girl earning $25-50 per hour instead of just $5-10 per hour! Regulars keep the chat room busy, with the ultimate result of less downtime (time when the model makes no money), and less time the cam model has to spend online to make their earnings goals.

How does a webcam model put on a great show, which will keep the customers coming back for more?

Every customer is different and should be treated individually, but there are still some things that will universally make the private paid chat better for them, and more profitable for the cam model.

Give a great Private Camshow

A cam model can do these three things to make her show better, once she has the customer in the paid chat room:

  1. Smile! This should be the first thing the customer sees once they’re in the private chat. Get close to the camera and give him a naughty grin. Talk with a smile before the action begins. A smile makes the customer warm up to the model faster.
  2. Find out what the customer likes, but make sure to do this in a way that doesn’t waste his time. The best way to do this is by having a standard greeting message that can be cut (CTRL X) and then pasted into the chat window whenever a private show begins. Here are some examples of the types of greetings that many webcam models find work best:”Welcome! Can you hear me okay? I’m so wet! How can I please you?”
    “I’m all yours now…which hole do you want to play with first?” (This one may be a bit hardcore for some girls)
    “I’m all yours! I want to cum with you-any fetishes or fantasies?”
    “Mmmm…I want to please you. What’s your favorite thing to see?”Every girl should come up with something similar that works for them. Basically, it is is all about putting the ball in the customer’s court.Hearing something like this from the model pleases the customer-plus, it makes her job easier, setting everything up ahead of time.

    Sometimes a customer will respond with something like, “Do whatever you like.” When faced with this kind of reply, a smart cam girl will start with something easy and universally appealing, like laying back in missionary position and rubbing her clit, or sucking on and playing with a toy and saying something sexy, like, “I want to taste your cum.” Most of the time this kind of thing will quickly lead the customer to directing the model more specifically, because the customer almost always already does have something they want to see in mind, but perhaps they felt nervous about saying it at first.

    Note: The webcam model should always greet the customer verbally, too. The cut/paste greeting should be one of the few (or only) things the model types, since the rest will be visually and audibly stimulating. However, sometimes they don’t have audio, in which case the model will have to type some things.

    A model should always use sound, unless the customer says they don’t have it, because the model won’t make as much money without the audio.

  3. Look the customer in the eye. Or, to phrase it more correctly, the cam girl should look directly into the camera. This is very important, because it creates a connection between the webcam model and the customer, making him feel like they are “together.” The model should place the webcam as close to the bed or wherever she will be working, to increase that feeling of closeness.

Doing all of these things will give the private performance a great start.

private performance cam show

Some things for webcam models to remember to create more memorable and sexy live private shows:

  • If the customer gives his name, she should use it. Ex: Moan it during the show while looking into the camera.
  • If he uses “dirty talk,” repeat it back to him, as if it’s really happening. Ex: If the customer types out that he wants to taste the webcam model’s pussy, she should respond with something like, “I love it when you lick me,” or, “your tongue feels so good on my clit!” This is a great way to get used to using dirty talk.
  • The cam model needs to speak slowly and breathily, moaning occasionally, as if she’s really turned on.
  • Successful webcam models need to pay attention to their facial expressions while masturbating. Some girls are not accustomed to “faking it”, so one way to get into the role is for the girl to think like a porn star. Those actresses tend to open their mouths a bit while pleasuring themselves, as if saying, “ahhhh,”while closing their eyes; many men find a woman biting her lower lip very sexy, too. Ex: The model can lie on her back, tilt her head to one side, bite her lower lip, and look directly into the camera while moaning. This is something that tends to make customers very happy.
  • Remember that sometimes a gentleman may be initiating the private chat with a webcam model just to talk privately, not wanting his remarks “heard” by everyone else online. If a customer goes into a private chat and actually begins chatting (instead of asking for a show right away), the model should respond in kind, following his lead. She should also maintain eye contact and smile while speaking, to help create the connection between them, and engage him by asking questions.
  • Many customers will remain in the chat just to talk after watching a sex show. A good cam girl will find she attracts regular customers that want to watch the girl masturbate and then have a conversation afterwards. Smart webcam models will use these conversations to build rapport, since it often translates directly into more money for them in the long run, when that customer comes back, because he feels they have a personal connection.
  • Never assume that all customers want the same things-everyone has their personal turn-ons and fetishes. It’s in the webcam model’s best interests to not be judgmental, especially since often customers’ more “unusual” requests are easier to accommodate than more “traditional” private show fare. Some webcam models report that certain customers only want the girl to try on different pairs of pantyhose, or even just have her wiggle her toes on camera (feet are a very popular fetish). Perhaps the customer might ask the cam model to stick out her tongue, or pretend like she sees the customer’s penis and then laugh. The latter is an increasingly popular fad called SPH/SCH (small penis/cock humiliation). This may seem odd, but as the old saying goes, “The customer is always right.” Often these fetishes and fantasies, strange as they may be, are ways to make easy money in internet modelling as a female webcam model.