Please read through these frequently asked questions for more information about how to become a cam model and work in the internet modeling industry.


Can I block customers in my own country or city?
Yes, you can block customers from any country or city without any problems

I’m not very experienced in this type of thing…can someone help me?
Of course! We here at Daddyneedsagirl will help you whenever and however we can! During registration you will receive assistance from the moment you begin registration until the moment you get your first payout. We will even help you get your money faster and easier, such as finding the closest Western Union. Whether it’s assistance with our chat program or tips and tricks to making your shows sexier and more profitable, Daddyneedsagirl is there to help!

Do I need a specific chat program to work with Daddyneedsagirl?
In order to become a cam girl, simply install a single chat program. The program we use is easy, lightweight, and secure.

How often will I receive payment from Daddyneedsagirl?
Daddyneedsagirl pays its cam girls twice per month, which is very unusual in this industry. Payouts are made on the 12th and 28th (or last day) of every month. Payments are made in many ways, and the minimum payout is only $50. Most of our webcam models find that they earned that $50 minimum within the first half hour of working! Read more about this on this page: Cam model Income

What are the pay rates? How much per minute, etc.?
Because we network with the best adult sites, you will earn more with Daddyneedsagirl than with any other online modeling agency. You can make money through chats (group and private) and spycam, and even from tips! Private video chat sessions start out at $3 per minute, and group chats start at $1 per minute, and that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the money-making opportunities that you have by working with Daddyneedsagirl!

What documents are needed to become a cam girl?
You need to submit a copy of your photo ID (front and back) in order to become a webcam model with Daddyneedsagirl. We have to know that you are over age 18! Acceptable forms of ID include a passport, driver’s license, state ID card, etc.). We will also need a couple of photos to upload to your profile. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Is my information and privacy safe?
Daddyneedsagirl has more than five years of history in the adult chat business, which makes us practically elderly! We have a great reputation and we maintain a high level of professionalism that makes our models feel more secure and safe. ANY data sent to us is 100% safe and will not be disclosed to ANY third parties. Even if you choose to terminate your working relationship with Daddyneedsagirl in the future, you will still be protected, since your entire working profile with Daddyneedsagirl will be deleted.

What are the rules I must follow while working with Daddyneedsagirl?
In order to work as a webcam model with Daddyneedsagirl, you will need to comply with these basic, simple rules:

  • Don’t be rude to the client or to other webcam models
  • Don’t make negative comments to the customers or other models
  • Don’t do anything that is illegal where you live
  • Don’t give out personal contact or payment information to clients
  • Don’t allow anyone else to feature or appear in your shows that have not been cleared with us beforehand

Breaking any of the above rules will result in permanent suspension or termination.

How many hours per day must I work? Is there a minimum amount of working hours per day?
With Daddyneedsagirl, you are completely free to manage and set your work schedule. You are not obligated to work a minimum or maximum number of hours. We do recommend that our cam models work 5-10 hours per week (which will result in around $30000-$5000 per month). You will be able to gauge how many hours you need to work per day or week after the first few days.

What are the best hours to work (with the most customers)?
We receive more than five million visitors to our networks per day, so at any given time there are customers online. However, the biggest concentration of customers online is at around 6 PM Pacific.

Is it free to become a Daddyneedsagirl webcam model?
Registering with Daddyneedsagirl is absolutely free, and you can start earning money from day one!

What do I need to begin working with Daddyneedsagirl?
All you need to become a webcam model with Girlsonell are a computer (including a webcam and microphone) and a stable, high-speed internet connection. Also, you will need a private and comfortable place to work, where you can do video and audio chat without problems.

Can customers find out where I live?
Absolutely not!! The video chat program our webcam models use is completely anonymous, and it is impossible for clients to find out the cam girl’s actual location. We protect the privacy of our models.

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Become a webcam model and work with Daddyneedsagirl

Webcam Model FAQ

Become a webcam model and work with Daddyneedsagirl, the top webcam agency since 2006!

Is it legal for models to work on webcam as cam girls?
Yes, working as a webcam model is 100% legal! In fact, there isn’t a single country in the world that considers working as a cam girl as illegal. That is why webcam modeling is so popular: it’s great, easy money, and it’s perfectly legal. Become a webcam model

Do I really have the opportunity to earn good money doing this job?
Absolutely! If you choose to work as a cam girl, you will be able to earn substantial money, quickly and easily. However, even though it’s easy, that doesn’t mean you can take the webcam job completely casually or as a hobby, just uploading a couple of photos and logging on for 10 minutes per day. In order to make top money, you need to treat it as a professional. You need to always be smiling and well-groomed, as well as friendly and open. This encourages customers to want to spend their time (and money) with you! A sad, shy, unfriendly model doesn’t make good money.

How much do I need to work to earn good money as a webcam model?
We normally recommend that our webcam models work around 10-15 hours per week. However, this alone will not guarantee success and earning top money. You have to be friendly with your customers! Some of our best cam girls earn what would amount to a regular wage in an hour or so! You will be able to figure out within a couple of days of working as a webcam model how much you will need to work in order to earn the money you want.

Do I have to live in the US to become a webcam model?
No! The webcam models that work with Daddyneedsagirl come from all over the world. The beauty of this kind of job is that it can be done from anywhere in the world, right from the comfort of your own home. All you need to get started is a computer with a webcam! It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Do I have to speak other languages in order to become a webcam model?
Speaking other languages is important to be an effective webcam model, but it isn’t essential. The ability to speak other languages means that you can interact with a larger customer base and attract new clients.

Do I need to provide a copy of my ID to Daddyneedsagirl to start working as a camgirl?
Every model who wants to work with Daddyneedsagirl needs to provide a copy of their valid photo ID. This is necessary because girls under age 18 cannot work as a cam model due to child pornography and child abuse laws.

couples webcam show

Become a webcam model

Can a do a couples webcam show?
Yes you can! You can put on a couple webcam show with a male or female partner. However, your partner must also provide a copy of their photo ID and pictures.

What webcam model website will I be working with?
Our network gives our cam girls access to the best webcam sites on the web. This guarantees you will have many customers every day, and having lots of customers means a very real opportunity to earn very good money. Remember, Daddyneedsagirl is the only webcam model agency that offers you access to more than 5 MILLION REAL CUSTOMERS every day!

Can I sell my video?
Yes you can! If you make videos, you can sell them online, making even more money than with the webcam shows alone.

Can I sell my pictures?
Yes, you can! You can sell a single picture or a whole album, which is a new way to earn more money. Contact us for more information.

I have a friend who wants to become a webcam model, and she wants to work with me. Can I refer her to you?
Sure you can! You can also earn an additional 10% commission of their earnings, just for referring her! So you have two ways to make great money. Please read the Model Agent FAQ to learn more about this program.

Do you have other jobs available?
Yes we do! We have job openings in several areas of the adult entertainment industry. Please contact us for further information.