A tutorial that will help you with your webcam job

This guide will help you become a cam girl that earns the best money. Remember that working as a cam model means that everything revolves around you: you are the most important aspect of the job.

Try to be yourself and give it your all. If you are feeling down or sick, get some rest and work again the next day, because your state of mind and body will show on camera. Always try to work when you’re feeling good!

Wear sexy, provocative clothing, and make sure you wear makeup and are as well-groomed and attractive as possible—remember, you’re a webcam model, and people pay to see you, so look your best!

Put your webcam close to your work space, so the customers get a better view and can see well.

Make sure your room or wherever you’re working is well-lit and clean

Make sure your microphone is on! Customers prefer to listen to your voice and hear the sounds you make during a webcam show. Speaking is also faster than typing, so you will potentially earn more and faster than by chatting.

Take note of your customers’ names and use them. Remember what they like when they come back again, so you will know what to say and you will build a relationship that leads to more money!

Use the customer’s name when you reply to a question. For example:

Phil (Customer): “I like you.”

Camgirl: “Thank you, Luca! You’re so cute!”

Laugh and smile often, because that’s important. Don’t look sad on webcam.

If you need to do something that is non-work related (such as go to the restroom or take a private phone call), put your status as “away”, and advise your customers that you will return promptly.

Always try to find a way to respond to the customer’s requests—never say no!

Keep all your toy and other fun objects used in your shows close to the camera, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time looking for them.

Respond to the customers’ requests during the free chat, because customers don’t want to waste time and money in the private chat.

Make sure that customers stay interested in your show by motivating them with your performance. Never say “Let’s go into a private chat!” It needs to be their idea. Don’t do this five minutes after you started chatting with the customer.

YOU are in the spotlight, so you must be able to bring the customers into the show and make them feel special. Say hello when they come into chat, saying something like, “Hello, guys! How are you today?”

Always update your schedule and respect it. Arrive on time in front of the webcam, because customers don’t like to wait!

Remember that webcam model jobs works like any other jobs. You have to work seriously and honor your commitments to earn top money. Don’t expect to earn too much in a day. You have to get to know your customers and become their friends, building a relationship, even though it’s online. Repeat customers bring the money in!

Don’t give up after the first day if you don’t make as much money as you’d prefer—keep it up, stay committed and devoted, and your earnings will increase before you realize it.

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Cam Model Tips

Increase your income with your camgirl job with our cam model tips

Our webcam sites network uses a free chat system, ensuring that our models can chat with multiple customers at once. In free chat, you will get to know the customers better, establishing friendships and relationships online. In the free chat, guests can split up the models, talking to them individually and taking the model’s attention personally.

All you need to do is get the customer’s attention, and he will usually ask you for a private show. You can do things like talk sexy, show something a bit exciting, talk with them directly. The important thing is to have your chat window full of interested, engaged customers who are watching your show and will tip you!

This concept is a very simple one, but many models see time spent in free chat as a waste of time. This is not true at all! Have a little patience and understand that free chat is the perfect place to set up a future show or private group show. So, you shouldn’t ever be rude during free chat, and of course don’t mistreat the customers! You don’t have to get upset if customers want to see you naked in public chat. You can give them a little “preview”, inviting them to go into a private chat with you. Remember that you don’t have to ask the customer, “Let’s have a private show” after only five minutes into your performance.

How to keep up the customers’ interest

This isn’t always easy, but you can improve and learn how to get and keep the customer’s attention. Calling them by their name catches their attention; it makes them feel like they are part of the show. The more clients you have in free chat, the higher your chances of getting private chats and tips. Talk about what you want, your daily activities, current events, sports, politics…and, of course, sex! This involves the customers, gets them to want to watch your show for a long time, increasing your earnings.

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Always say “yes”

If you want to become a good webcam model, your job is to catch the imagination of the customer and get them excited. It’s also important to be positive and respond to the customer’s requests and listen to what they say. Always say “yes,” even if it’s easier to say “no.” Maybe you don’t or won’t do what they are asking, but you can respond in another manner rather than saying “no.” Here are some examples:

Customer: Do you give and receive oral sex during your shows?
Cam model: I love receiving oral sex from my partner! I also enjoy giving it to her!

Customer: Do you offer escort services? (Daddyneedsagirl does not offer this service)
Cam model: No, but many times I have met up with my customers off-camera and went to have a drink with them. (By using these techniques, the customers will be more motivated to talk with you, because they think they can meet you someday!)

Customer: Do you masturbate in private? (In case you don’t)
Cam model: I can try with you, baby. I’m very good with my hands!

Customer: Can you do a show with your friend? (In case you don’t)
Cam model: I do, but before I’ll do that, I need to get to know you first! I’m a bit shy! LOL!

Customer: Have you ever played with toys in private? (In case you don’t)
Cam model: I’ve never tried, would you teach me how to use them? (Make sure you keep your toys nearby)

Customer: Can I have your email? (We don’t allow giving out private emails in chat)
Cam model: I’d prefer to talk to you during a chat. It’s more personal!

Customer: Do you have any sex toys? (In case you don’t have toys with you)
Cam model: I have to buy some! Do you want to come into a private chat and suggest some for me?

Finally, always remember to use the customer’s name during the show. A webcam model is a salesperson, and in sales, you have to make things personal with the customer. This leads to better money!

Become a Webcam Model: Other Cam Model Tips

Become a Webcam Model: Other Cam Model Tips

Here are some tips that will help you with your webcam model work. Giving a great performance will earn more tips, making this fun and easy job even more rewarding.

You may think that these tips are unimportant, but you will discover that you will earn much more if you follow them.

  1. Knowing how to speak and read/write English is the most important thing, but there are other sites where different languages may be spoken. However, most customers speak some English, so make sure your English is very good.
  2. Work to have fun, not just to make money! Models who enjoy their jobs always earn more money, because their good attitude shows, and customers like it. The results? More money!
  3. Always keep your work tools close at hand. If you use sex toys like dildos and vibrators, make sure they’re within easy reach, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them during a show, which risks losing the customer’s interest. They don’t like waiting for a model to appear on screen, so you should be waiting for them!
  4. Always tell your customers what time you will be performing and when you will be returning to the webcam. Many customers will often be waiting for you at the appointed time! So, obviously, punctuality is crucial. Give them a specific time for the show—and be there on time!
  5. Always address the customers by their name when you speak or write to them. This will greatly increase the sense of intimacy between you. Customers love to hear you say their names during webcam shows. If you make them believe that you know them and have a connection, they will keep coming back!
  6. Take care of your appearance! Since this is online modeling, people will be paying to see you, so make it worth their time and money! Keep your hair and nails done, wear makeup, work out, dress sexy, etc. Models who don’t take care of their looks don’t earn good money.
  7. Don’t give too much attention to only one customer at a time. Some of them just want to talk to you and may not be interested in actually getting to see a private show from you. Focus on those that are really interested in you. Understanding customers and being able to prioritize your work, so you make more money.
  8. Always keep your microphone connected! It’s always easier to talk to customers than to try to chat via typing with multiple customers at the same time. Customers also prefer to hear your voice rather than just reading your words in a chat.
  9. Wear sexy, provocative clothing for your performances, and make sure you can be seen clearly in the room.

Become a Top-Earning Webcam Model!

When you work as a webcam model you must always have control of the chat. There are usually two kinds of customers on webcam sites: the lonely customers and the horny ones. Both kinds of customers are important, and it’s also very important to give them the right show at the right time, to address their needs and wants properly.

Many cam models that spend a lot of time in private chat are often just talking with the lonely customers, because those guys want to interact with someone, but not necessarily in a sexual manner. They may be alone, and they want to have someone to talk to, about the mundane details of their lives, their thoughts and dreams, the good and bad things that happened to them, etc. These kinds of customers need to believe that they actually have a shot at dating and having a “real” relationship with the cam girls, because they basically are fantasizing about having the webcam model as their “girlfriend.” They dream about finding a nice, sweet girl (or boy) that wants to date them. This will obviously never happen, and deep down the customers know it, but it’s the cam model’s job to make sure that the fantasy doesn’t end, so the customer will keep coming back to chat with them!

The horny customers only want one thing: for you to turn them on. These customers want to watch a sex show, masturbate, and then leave the chat. The shows a cam model puts on for horny guys only lasts a few minutes. You can, of course, try to prolong the duration of the shows, but these customers’ needs and desires are pretty straightforward. Lonely customers are often easier to deal with than horny ones, and the lonely ones frequently spend more money with the model than the horny ones do; in fact, you can often chat for hours with lonely customers, about practically any subject. The most important thing with these customers is to just keep them talking and keep the conversation interesting!

Remember to smile, and to be friendly and spontaneous. You should try to make every customer feel special. By being spontaneous, you will seem more natural to the customers and your contact with them feels more real. Try to be as natural as possible, because customers don’t like to feel you’re acting. Also, always be kind and available to everyone. A customer who doesn’t go into a private chat with you today but who is treated by you with kindness may very well want a private show (or more) in the future!

The Cam Model’s Room and Tools

It’s easy to become a webcam model; you don’t have to be a tech expert. You just need to be able to know how to work a webcam and microphone—that’s it! Also, our staff is always willing and happy to help you with any technical issues you may have with the system, microphone and webcam; we will soon be offering a remote support system, which will help with troubleshooting and computer problems.

You don’t need to have the most recent or most expensive computer to work as a camgirl, but do try to make sure your operating system and such have been updated recently. It’s necessary to have the proper tools for work.

A Good Webcam and Microphone Mean More Opportunities to Be a Top Webcam Model

A computer that is four or five years old can still be used for video chat work. We recommend that you have a high-quality webcam and microphone, because those make your chat look and sound better. We recommend that your computer’s operating system is Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (no Macs), with 700mHz or higher, and 512 MB of RAM.

We also recommend that you have a high-speed internet connection in order to ensure a high quality video. Your choice of webcam and microphone are also important in this respect. If you want to make good money, make sure you choose good-quality components. We recommend Logitech webcams. Also, make sure the environment in the background is not too quiet, so play some music in the background, since this also helps to engage the customers—especially if the customers get to choose the music!

Your Room is Your Studio for Your Work as a Cam Model

Your room or the place where you work needs to be clean and attractive, because the customers will be seeing it! No one wants to see a messy room!

For more information on how to become a cam model, please contact us, we will be more than happy to respond.