How Much Can I Earn Working as a Cam Model?

Cam models love working with Daddyneedsagirl because we pay better than any other webcam model agencies. Webcam models love working with us, since they know that the support, training, and services Daddyneedsagirl offers are so much better than those of anyone else in the webcam modeling industry.

Cam Model Average Incomes (Working 4 Days Per Week)

Hour per day Daily Earnings Monthly Earnings
1 hour $20-$50 $400-$700
2 hours 50$-$100 $800-$1,400
3-4 hours 150$-300$ $2,000-$4,500
5-7 hours $400 $6,000-$10,000

*These figures are averages of the earnings of our expert cam models. Our best top cam models actually earn around 30% more than the average, and a new webcam model usually earns about 20% less than the average.

New cam models need anywhere from 2-8 weeks to start earning like an expert cam model, but a really beautiful model can earn top model money their first day.

WebCam Model Incomes

Our cam models earn, on average, around $1500-$3000 per month. They earn $1-$4 per minute for a private show, and even more for group shows. By having 3 or more customers in a private chat you can earn up to $12 per minute!

Cam Model Rates

Type of show Rates
Private Show $1-$4 per minute
Group Show $0.50-$4 per minute


Become a cam model. Payment Methods.

Payment Method Payout Time to receive money
Alertpay 10$ 1 hour
Paypal 10$ 1 hour
Western Union 50$ 1 hour
Wire Transfer 200$ 1-4 days

In addition to receiving regular payments, our top cam models can earn bonuses and additional prizes!

Also, unlike many other online modeling agencies, Daddyneedsagirl pays all the costs and sending fees to remit payments to our cam models. In all, Daddyneedsagirl, a Webcam Model Agency, pays our models a lot more than any other webcam model agencies.

Payment schedule

Daddyneedsagirl pays much faster than other webcam model agencies. Our models are paid twice per month, on the 12th and 28th (or last day) of each month. Payments are sent out immediately by the method the model prefers.

Each month consists of two payment periods:

  • 1 – 15 of a month
  • 16 – last day of a month

If you reach the payout limit in the first period, you will receive your payment on the 28st of the same month. If you reach the payout limit in the second period, you will get your payment on the 12th of the following month.

For example, if you reach the payout limit for the first period (1st through the 15th of January), you will get your payment on the 28st of January. Become a cam model with Daddyneedsagirl and start earning money.