Perhaps you were drawn to the online modeling world because you thought that becoming a webcam model was a way to make quick and easy money—you’d be right, in the fact that it is possible to make amazing cash as a cam girl. However, just like with any job, being a successful webcam model isn’t as easy as flipping on a light switch. There is a lot of common sense involved, as well as commitment and discipline, because this is a business! Just like any business, how you run it makes all the difference in whether you turn a profit or fail. Many beautiful models fail at their online modeling career because they make bad decisions about how to run their chat room, their attitudes, and more. Here are the ten most common mistakes made by webcam models, mistakes that will ultimately end up costing you money because they sabotage your success! If you want to read more about cam models visit this page: Cam Model FAQs

  1. Complaining About Your Life (Especially in Free Chat). First off, you need to remember: just because you take off your clothes and perform sex shows on live webcam, it doesn’t mean you can’t take your job seriously. One way many cam girls turn off their customers is by complaining about their lives. This is just plain unprofessional. Think about if you worked for a customer service center. Would it be OK to gripe about your bills, family, health, whatever, while online with a customer? No! Secondly, complaining is just so unsexy! Men do not like complaining; if they want to hear a girl complain, they might as well talk to their mother in law or wife! You, as a webcam model, are the embodiment of fantasy for them, and by complaining about your life to them, you turn yourself into something else, a “normal” girl with problems—and most customers have enough of those without your own adding to them! Bottom line: you can talk about your life to some extent, but draw the line at unprofessional and unsexy behavior. Try to keep the conversation on HIM, and what HE wants. A happy, excited, and ultimately satisfied customer is one who is more likely to come back again.
  2. Know Your Limits. When you craft your profile and list your qualities and what you like to do, sexually, don’t just say anything, thinking it will make you more appealing to a wider customer base. Basically, don’t put something like “I love to have anal sex” in your bio if you don’t enjoy it or want to do it. Customers want different things, and if you put something in your profile, they’re bound to ask for it. If you don’t want to do something, don’t offer to do it, because your reluctance and negative attitude WILL show up on the video feed. A webcam model should be someone who is responsive to customers’ requests, so don’t bait them in with something you won’t or don’t want to do. Additionally, make sure you only keep toys and props that are suitable. For instance, don’t keep a gigantic butt plug around if you’re not able to use it. Don’t hurt yourself!
  3. Showing Anger or Frustration in Free Chat. This is similar to number one, because it deals with behaving professionally while working. However, there is a bit of a difference here: some guys get off to seeing a webcam model angry, it’s like a fetish to them. If this happens in free chat, what does it do for you? You not only did the wrong thing by letting the guy get to you, you also gave something away that they need to have paid for!
  4. Not Tracking Repeat Customers. In the online modeling business, you will quickly discover that a cam girl makes the most money in the long run by developing a list of repeat customers. These are guys that like you and what you do, whether it’s how you look, talk, or suck on a toy. They believe the two of you have a “connection” of some kind. These are the ones you talk to and get to know somewhat. They reward your attention with multiple visits, and that translates directly into dollar signs. How does a webcam model keep track of these important customers? Start tracking them. Keep a notebook or document for them: their names and any personal details they give you, their turn-ons, their favorite discussion topics, etc. By using that information when they’re around, it makes them like you even more, and so they spend more time and money on you.Mistakes Webcam Models Make
  5. Bad Lighting. This is a killer newbie mistake. Lighting makes all the difference in how you look while doing online modeling. If your room is dark and gloomy so they can’t see you very well, or has too-harsh artificial lighting that makes you look creepy, or your light source is directly behind you (so you block it and can barely be seen), customers won’t want to stay and chat with you. Make sure your light source is BEHIND the camera, so you get the light cast on your face and body, and it’s not just coming from above, which causes unattractive shadows. Also, have two or three light sources when possible, so the light in the room is spread out and more natural-looking. Here’s the ideal setup: a bright overhead light that is tempered by a side lamp and a light behind the camera.
  6. Not Taking Care of Yourself. Let’s face it: you’re a cam girl. A webcam model, a pretty face and a sexy body that are there to entertain, titillate, and satisfy the desires of the customers. You don’t have to be a supermodel, but being hot is a definite must. And in order to be hot, you have to take care of yourself. Of course this means keeping your hair, makeup, nails, skin, etc., looking tip-top, as well as wearing nice, sexy clothes (even though you’ll take them off). However, there is more to taking care of yourself than just the skin-deep issues. You can’t neglect your health, because no matter how much makeup you put on, if you’re sick or out of shape, it will show on camera. So take your vitamins, eat right, drink lots of water, and see a doctor if you start feeling sick. Stay off drugs, and don’t drink too much. Vary your routine, so you’re not always sitting (to avoid blood clots and back problems). Try to work a bit of exercise into your routine on camera. Also, take care of your sexual health: don’t use toys that are too big for you—especially anal toys. Use lube, so your private parts don’t get too sore.
  7. Only Posting Nude Pics on Your Profile/Bio. Many, many cam girls make this mistake. They think that by putting provocative pictures on their profile they will attract a lot of customers, when the opposite ends up being true. Think about the whole “Leave something to the imagination” philosophy. Guys like to feel there is some level of pursuit involved in getting to see you nude; remember, this is about cultivating a fantasy relationship with someone, even if for only a few minutes! Don’t give everything away for free. The majority of successful webcam models post head shots as their profile pic, and include some flattering, suggestive pictures, but they rarely go full nude. You can accentuate your best assets without being naked, such as wearing sexy lingerie that showcases your great tits or fantastic ass. But baring it all is not going to get long-term clients, which is how you make the big bucks!
  8. Being Away from the Camera During Free Chat. Sure, you will need to go to the restroom or take other “personal” breaks during your work time, but again, think of this like a regular job. If you were on the clock, you couldn’t just wander off whenever you wanted to, right? You’d get in trouble if you were a customer service agent and you just put your headset down and went to the break room for a drink, right? While as a webcam model you won’t get a write-up for not being in front of the camera, you WILL lose customers! When a guy logs into the site and looks for a hot cam girl to chat with, he’ll look right past your window if you’re not there! If he’s a repeat customer and you’re off in the kitchen making a sandwich, he may just take his attentions (and money!) elsewhere! People DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT! When they are paying for your time, you owe it to them to be there.
  9. Ignoring Potential Good Customers. So what if the customer doesn’t have a huge balance showing in his account—does that necessarily mean he’s broke? No! Often, a webcam model will practically ignore a guy with a low credit balance, thinking they’re not worth the time and effort. But this is a really bad business move on the cam girl’s part. Many new customers don’t want to risk a ton of money when they’re trying out a new site, so they don’t transfer a lot of cash into their accounts at first. Or, they could be frugal spenders, waiting until they find the “right” cam girl to ultimately lavish their money on. If you see a customer has a low balance, don’t ignore him. You never know whether that apparently broke customer could become your best and most faithful (and profitable) admirer!
  10. Giving It All Away in Free Chat. This runs in parallel with the idea of not posting all nude pics on your profile or bio. We say in the US, “Why buy the whole cow, when you can get the milk for free?” Besides the fact that most webcam model agency websites restrict complete nudity in free chat, basically, if you expose all the goodies up front, there is no incentive for them to go into private chat! If a guy tells you that he will “go private” if you get naked, don’t go for it. Any experienced webcam model will tell you that the good, regular customers won’t ask for a free show. If they keep begging, tell them that you’ll be happy to please them…in a private chat. Be positive, nice, and upbeat—but don’t fall for needy promises and break the rules! It never pays off in the end!

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